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The Hempfield Ice Hockey Club
Hempfield Ice Hockey Player Registration

The Hempfield Ice Hockey Club, Inc. has the following fee schedule for the 2024-2025 hockey season. The fees are estimated to be $800.00 for grades 9–12 Grade and $750.00 for grades 5–8 Grade, and 25% off the second player in a family.***    These fees are determined by the number of players, and associated club fees ( such as CPIHL dues and cost of ice slots).  Fifth grade students who register are allowed to play at the middle school level if there are slots available.  In the event that the roster is full, eligible players who wish to register will be able to practice with the team for a reduced fee of $250.00 for the season.

Date Due Amount
July 15, 2024 $200.00
September 1 2024 $200.00
October 1 2024 $200.00
November 1, 2024 Remaining balance (TBD

You may mail your payments to:

Hempfield Ice Hockey Club Inc.
c/o Steve Anderson
3945 Birchwood Lane
Columbia, PA 17512

Steve will have a black envelope hanging on his door for payments – no cash, please!

*** The player tuition fee does not include the cost of jerseys, socks, patches, or hockey equipment. Uniform payments must be made before we place our team order. ***

No Pay, No Play!  If the player tuition payment is not received by the outlined due date, your son and daughter will not be allowed on the ice for practices or games until payment is received. Please contact a board member at the beginning of the season if a different payment plan is requested. Any requested payment plans will be voted on at the next (scheduled) board meeting.

USA Hockey Membership

USA Hockey Registration!  Please be aware that part of registration requires insurance information and a USA Hockey membership.

You can register for a USA Hockey membership online (register here). The membership does have a registration fee; the membership is valid from the time you register until August 2025. This is required for your player to be allowed on the ice.

Please be prepared with this information when registering!

Please note that even if your current USA hockey membership expires in August 2024, it must be renewed for the new hockey season in order to be rostered!

You can renew your USA hockey membership beginning on April 1st, and it will be valid through August 2025.




    Date of Birth:

    Height:   Weight:

    Shoots (required):

    Home Phone:

    Player's email address:   Player's mobile number:



    Position* ForwardDefenseGoalie


    2023-24 TEAM:  Playing Level:

    2022-23 TEAM:  Playing Level:

    2021-22 TEAM:  Playing Level:

    2020-21 TEAM:  Playing Level:

    2019-20 TEAM:  Playing Level:


    2023-24 TEAM:  Playing Level:

    2022-23 TEAM:  Playing Level:

    2022-22 TEAM:  Playing Level:

    2020-21 TEAM:  Playing Level:

    2019-20 TEAM:  Playing Level:











    Father Name:    


    Mother Name:    


    Additional Contact:



    The Player and Parent acknowledge that failure to abide by the rules set forth in this agreement constitutes a breach of this Agreement and subjects the Player and his/her Parents to disciplinary action and expulsion from the Club. More detailed information regarding code of conduct, financial responsibility, and related consequences can be found in the specific club addendums.

    We hereby agree to the terms of this Agreement, acknowledge that we have read, understand, and agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth herein, and agree to be legally bound by this Agreement.

    Today's date:

    I accept the above *

    * Required

    Forms & Items Needed

    USA Hockey Consent to Treat (Fully completed)


    Hempfield School District Substance Use Regulations (JV and Varsity only – signed by student and parent)

    A non-refundable deposit of $200.00 is needed to secure your spot with the Hempfield Ice Hockey Club.

    Payable to :
    Hempfield Ice Hockey Club, Inc.
    c/o Steve Anderson
    3945 Birchwood Lane
    Columbia, PA 17512

    ONLY NEW PLAYERS: Copy of Birth Certificate and in September, a copy of the 24-25 student ID with your skater’s picture and year clearly visible.

    Our 2023-24 Graduating Seniors
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